Melody’s Parent Testimonial

“When I first began bringing Gabriel to Chatterbox, he was just over three years old, and could only say about a handful of words. As his mother, I was devastated that even I could barely understand my own son. Upon entering the program, both his speech and OT therapists encouraged him and patiently nudged him to do his best. I could not be more grateful for the therapists who showed Gabe right off the bat that he COULD communicate. Within a very short period, he began to vocalize more, and more clearly. They gave not just Gabe, but our family as well, some tools that could help him more and more. Week by week, I have seen his personality blossom, as not only has he begun to share his ideas more and more, but he now has so much more confidence! He has grown to love both of his therapists, Jessi and Paula, and I am pretty sure hanging out with them is one of the highlights of his week!”

Thank you, Melody! It is a pleasure to work with your family!

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