App Review- Video Touch Animals

App Price: $2.99

Available On: iPad, iPhone, Android

Video Touch – Animals is an educational, motivating app that has the user choose an animal (duck, dog, cat, goat, sheep, frog, donkey, chicken, pig, horse, bird, or cow) and watch a 10-20 second video clip of that real-life animal including sound.  Examples of the videos include:

  • Dog—a dog digging at the beach
  • Cat—a cat playing with a toilet paper roll
  • Cow—a cow ‘moo-ing’
  • Frog – a tree frog climbing a branch

Each animal has 4 separate videos.  It is very fun and engaging for kids.  There are also different categories you can purchase, with the same concept including: Bugs & Insects, Birds, Musical Instruments, Vehicles, and Wildlife.  This app can be used to teach your child vocabulary words and following directions.  This app is ideal for kids 18 months to about 5 years of age.  Click here to learn more about the app or to download:

The following are ways your therapist may use the app in therapy, or ways you can use it to teach language skills at home:

  • Vocabulary—have your child identify an animal once it is named (“Touch the dog.”) If they are unable to identify the animal, guide their hand to the correct vocabulary word.  Opening the video is very motivating and they are likely to want to continue.  You can also have the child touch an animal of their choice, and then have them name the animal once the video is opened.  This app is also a good way to learn action words since each animal is doing something.  Start by describing what the animal is doing, “The duck is swimming” or “The cow is drinking.”  Then have your child tell you what they animal is doing.  “What is the cat doing?” If they don’t know, you can ask, “Is the cat eating or is he swimming?”  Giving them choices will help them learn.
  • Following directions—because this app is highly motivating, your child is likely to want to touch the animal of their choice. You can use this as an opportunity to work on different concepts in following directions.  Here are some examples of concepts you can target with your child:
    • Prepositional phrases: “Touch the animal ‘next to’ the chicken”, “Touch the animal ‘below’ the cow”, “Touch the animal ‘over’ the frog.”
    • Descriptions: “Touch the green animal”, “Touch a big animal”, “Touch a furry animal.”
    • Categories: “Find the animals that live on a farm”, “Find the animals that fly.”
    • Sequential directions: “First touch the pig, then touch the horse” or even more complex, “After you touch the donkey, touch the cat,” or “Before you touch the sheep, touch the bird.”
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