Getting the Most out of Daily Reading with Less Fuss and More Enjoyment

Have your student use his finger to point under each word as you, the parent, points above each word. Read the passage slowly but fluently together. If the student doesn’t know a word, be sure (s)he says it correctly after you say it.

When you get to a punctuation mark, just tap twice.

This strategy takes the stress off of your student while giving him the opportunity to see, hear, say, and touch each word accurately.

This technique has been proven to improve reading comprehension with just 10 minutes a day of practice!

When students get comfortable with this technique, they can use it for studying and test taking by pointing to each word as they orally or mentally say it, tapping twice at punctuation.

This simple little technique increases accuracy and attention to words and meanings. Give it a try for a few days and watch the improvement.
What is Really going on When a Smart Child is Struggling in School?

When smart children or teens struggle in school or have to work harder and longer than they should in order to keep up or make the grade, it is almost always because there are one or more areas of underlying processing/learning skills that are not supporting them well enough.

Accommodations at school or through traditional tutoring may help students to get by, but just coping with a problem for a long period of time is not comfortable and is not the answer.

These underlying processing/learning skills can be dramatically improved or completely corrected through specific brain training.

With the right kind of help, children and adults with learning challenges can work to their potential, comfortably and independently.

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