Summer Learning Tip: Make a Weekly Schedule

Planners and assignment sheets are something that many students resist during the school year.  It just seems like too much effort. 

But if you’re using a planner or calendar to schedule all of the fun things you want to do during the summer, it becomes a much more engaging and motivating activity.


Use a planner or calendar of appropriate size, sophistication, and media for your child’s age and skill level.

Work together to place lessons, outings, and vacations on the calendar/planner.  Schedule-in daily reading time, time designated for chores, sports practice, etc.


Talk about the calendar, asking your child, “What’s on your schedule for today?”

When you need to schedule a dentist or doctor’s appointment, or even a time to go see a movie or a baseball game, have your child check his calendar to see where he can fit it in.


As you get close to school starting again, start brainstorming how your child will use his calendar or planner during the school year.

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