School-age children often wonder how the things they are learning at school actually relate to their everyday life. Parents wonder how they are going to keep their children from forgetting everything they learned at school during the summer break.


With a little creativity and common sense, fun and practical activities can be made-up that will keep up children’s skills and make the learning relevant.

For the next couple of weeks we will be sharing with you some suggestions of activities you can “direct” when preparing for and taking a trip with your family this summer.



  • Locate your home and destination on a map.  Find out such things as:  What route(s) will you be taking?  What direction will you be going?  What states, cities, or counties will you be going through?

  • Download a blank map and have your child color in and label the states (or countries) you will visit.

  • Get a book or pamphlet or download information on the cities or states you will be going to.  Find something interesting that you would like to see or share with the family. 


  • Have each child report to the family on the places they have researched, “making their case” for visiting that place.