What Could Possibly Happen? Let’s Make a Plan!

Below is a list of typical concerns of students. Very few of these things seem really important to the operation of the “cosmos,” but they can be very real to students.

WARNING – You need to be VERY careful! You don’t want to create anxiety where there isn’t any. DON’T DON’T DON’T show this list to your student! This list is for your reference.

Step 1 – At an appropriate time (when your child is in the mood) sit down together and just ask what they’re feeling about the new school year. What are they excited about? Do they have any concerns? What are they hoping for? They may not be thinking about it at all. They may be thinking about things none of us have considered.

Just remember, no matter how trivial it might sound to you, it is REAL to them!

Step 2 – Make a list of the BEST things that could happen in the upcoming year. What would the “best year ever” look and feel like?

Step 3 – Now, make a plan just in case everything doesn’t work out exactly as we all hope. If any of the concerns actually occurs, what will you do? How will you handle it? What would it feel like? How can it be made OK?

Essential – Find out what your child has been thinking about as the first day of school gets closer. Make a plan. And DON’T create worries if they aren’t there already.

Here’s a list of concerns students sometimes have about the new school year. What if:

  • You get the “bad” or “mean” teacher?
  • You’re in a different room than your best friends?
  • You’re in a room with people you really don’t like?
  • You get the “hard” teacher?
  • You get the “easy” teacher??
  • You have to sit in the front?
  • You have to sit in the back?

  • Lunch is early?
  • Lunch is late?
  • There is a smell in the room you don’t like?
  • You can’t understand the teacher? (accent, mumbles, talks softly)
  • The teachers talks too loudly or harshly?
  • There is waayyyy too much homework?
  • There isn’t any homework?
  • The teacher just doesn’t seem to like you or notice you?
  • You’re the teacher’s “pet?”
  • Your new backpack, notebook, etc, is too big / too small?

  • What if other kids make fun of your clothes / backpack / shoes / pencil / lunch?
  • What if you get yelled at the very first day?
  • What if you feel “lost” on your very first assignment?
  • What if you can’t find your way around the building?