Like most parents we witness everyday how amazing our children are and how much potential our children have. We would do anything in our power to help extract that potential to set our kids up with the best success possible. 4th and 5th grade were very difficult times for all of us and probably even harder for our son. We tried meeting with teachers to gain a better understanding of the challenges he was facing. We stayed on top of his homework daily. We sat with him on countless occasions assisting him through seemingly the same homework he’d received on previous occasions, but he acted as though it was brand new material that he didn’t understand and had never seen before. This lead to a lot of the same frustrating discussions over and over. I could tell our son felt defeated and any confidence or excitement left over on any successes was misspent by the next days’ worth of school work he didn’t understand. This compounded the underlying issue which, until Chatterbox, we were at a complete loss of what to do.


Knowing that 6th grade (middle school, gasp) was approaching and a sensitive time for our pre-teen, we took a shot to get our son evaluated at the ACHIEVE Program. My wife and I first attended a parent night where parents, not unlike us, learn about the program. The program director, Emily, was very knowledgeable about the program. After attending parent night there was no question that The ACHIEVE Program was right for our family; most importantly, for our son. We felt at ease knowing that there are other children (and parents) that have similar challenges. We had hope that he was going to have the confidence again to attack the day to day activities, that school demands, the way we know he can.


Having Jayden attend The ACHIEVE Program at Chatterbox during the summer helped ease the transition from 5th to 6th grade. Jayden enjoyed the program very much and looked forward to seeing his clinicians. Jayden impressed everyone. He impressed each clinician with his positive attitude, hard work and dedication to drive towards success. A trait that none of us had seen from him when it came to “school”. He was completing more lessons than expected at each session and finished the program ahead of schedule. This, in and of itself, should be a testament to The ACHIEVE Program. If it wasn’t interesting, fun or motivating he wouldn’t have tried so hard and done so well. His post-test results were astonishing. He improved and/or stayed on track (for his age) in every category. Three weeks into 6th grade and we’re seeing a vast improvement from where he was last year. Not only have we seen improvements from school, but we’ve seen improvements at home. I could have used this program when I was in school. To say the least we are thrilled with the outcome and look forward to many successful days ahead.

-Kaycee and Erik M.