In other words, write down your assignments so that when you get home you remember what to do. Check your list before you leave school and make sure you have any materials you might need.

Many schools offer agendas to their students for a nominal fee or no fee at all. If your school does not offer an agenda, pick one up and get ready to instill a valuable tool for your child!

Make sure to pick an agenda that is easy for your child to handle and that has age-appropriate writing space (e.g. younger child may require lined spaces, older students may require the week-at-a-glance-type agendas to account for different subjects).

(Get ready, the fun is just about to begin!)

For some reason, many students HATE using a planner. Others just ignore it and assume they will remember everything.

Having an agenda / planner is NOT all there is to it. Now it must be used!

While it may seem incredibly obvious, “walk” your child through how to use it. Be very specific with how it needs to be filled out.

NEXT – Check frequently (EVERY day, at first) to make sure the planner is being used effectively. It can be very easy to get into bad habits and start not using it. NO! To work, it must be used daily.

All this “organizational stuff” is so obvious for adults, but the part of the brain that is used for keeping us organized doesn’t fully mature until about age 25! Most eight-year-olds (or even sixteen-year-olds) have not yet developed the capacity to be completely organized.

Avoid being critical. Just be helpful.

Getting the assignments home, with everything that is needed, is the first step toward completing homework. Develop the planner habit and you’ll be well on your way to happier days.


Parent Info Meetings

Why do smart students sometimes struggle in school?

We regularly hold information meetings to help answer that question.  We’ll listen to what it’s  like at your house.  We’ll help you make sense of what’s happened in the past. And we’ll give you some strategies for how to make it better.

“Will he grow out of it?”

“Will a different teacher make a difference?”

“Will I finally get to stop spending hours and hours on her homework?”

“Can my child actually enjoy school?”

Bring ALL your questions and together let’s help you figure out the best way to make this the BEST year ever!


Our next Parent Information Night is Monday, October 8th at 6:30 pm at our Nampa Clinic. RSVP at 208-466-1077 or!