Many students struggle with math because they simply don’t understand or can’t manage the organization of the numbers on the page.

In math calculations, there is a very specific place where each number belongs in a problem.  When numbers get shifted to the wrong column, errors and confusion occur.

When numbers are in the wrong column or wrong place in a problem, the problem must be redone.

But if you’re frequently the bearer of this bad news, you know how frustrated and angry a child can get when he has to constantly “re-do” a problem he feels he already completed.

Graph paper provides a simple solution.  It comes in all different sized squares to accommodate a student’s graphomotor (writing) needs and maturity.

Teach your child how to put one number in each square and help him notice how the numbers all line up.  Graph paper can turn a math disaster into an organized, easy-to-look-at, and more correct math paper.

What is Really going on When a Smart Child is Struggling in School?

When smart children or teens struggle in school or have to work harder and longer than they should in order to keep up or make the grade, it is almost always because there are one or more areas of underlying processing/learning skills that are not supporting them well enough.

Accommodations at school or through traditional tutoring may help students to get by, but just coping with a problem for a long period of time is not comfortable and is not the answer.

These underlying processing/learning skills can be dramatically improved or completely corrected through specific brain training.

With the right kind of help, children and adults with learning challenges can work to their potential, comfortably and independently.


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