Tackling Worksheets When Writing or Spelling is Slow and Laborious

***Make sure you arrange with your child’s teacher to use the following procedure.

Agree to have your student be responsible for writing the answers to a portion of the questions (for example, 2 out of 5), and then you (the parent) write the answers to the other questions as your student dictates.

This allows your child to take her time and write carefully and neatly on the items she writes, developing good habits.

It’s important that students be responsible for part of the writing so that she knows that she is capable. She should know that the amount of writing she will do is being reduced so that she can focus on neatness and spelling.

Her best is expected!

Sharing the actual writing reduces the stress on students and allows her to focus more on the content. By having less actual writing to do, she can create better habits because she will not feel penalized by the amount of time it takes.

She will feel better about her work product because her own writing looks neater, and she might just have a little time left at the end of the day.


Parent Info Meetings

Why do smart students sometimes struggle in school?

We regularly hold information meetings to help answer that question.  We’ll listen to what it’s  like at your house.  We’ll help you make sense of what’s happened in the past. And we’ll give you some strategies for how to make it better.

“Will he grow out of it?”

“Will a different teacher make a difference?”

“Will I finally get to stop spending hours and hours on her homework?”

“Can my child actually enjoy school?”

Bring ALL your questions and together let’s help you figure out the best way to make this the BEST year ever!


Our next ACHIEVE Program Parent Information Night is Monday, December 10th at 6:30pm at our Nampa Clinic (101 11th Ave South, Suite 155)