• Act out these verbs: throw, build, ski.
  • Give the child instructions to  make a holiday ornament.
  • Name three types of candy. What candy is your favorite?
  • Look at a winter book. Point to all the things you wear in the winter, see in the winter, do in the winter
  • Tell the opposite of: freeze,  moon, sink, rise
  • Play a game of “I spy”
  • Make paper snowflakes. Have the child tell you the steps involved in making a snowflake.
  • Name three fun things you did in 2017. Name three fun things you want to do next year.
Vocabulary: thermometer, quilt, ballet, skating rink, gloves, hockey, slippers, tree, snowflakes, frost, icicles, decorations, mistletoe
Book: Stella, Queen of the Snow by Marie-Louise Gay;  50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch