• Cut out different shapes and put them on the floor. Tell the child how and where to move to them.
  • Give directions for how to make a valentine. Have the child make the valentine in correct order.
  • Learn what to say when someone calls on the phone.
  • While you are riding in the car today, look for the letter “L” on license plates. How many did you see?
  • How does the groundhog know if there will be six more weeks of winter?
  • Talk about who you love and who loves you.
  • Make a valentine placemat for everyone in your family. Tell how you made the placemats.
  • Explain what “excited” means. Tell what makes you feel excited.
Vocabulary: red, pink, purple, white, heart, friend, hug, kiss, card, letter, mail, love, caring, happy, valentine
Book: You Will Be My Friend by Peter Brown