How we are different

Our ACHIEVE Program, which identifies the root cause of your child’s academic struggles, offers programs to specifically develop a variety of learning, attention, and reading skills! Unlike typical tutoring facilities, the ACHIEVE Program provides individualized programs on a one-on-one basis to meet your child’s specific learning needs based on the Learning Skills Continuum Approach. Chatterbox has a very different approach from schools and tutoring…

More than any other comment, families tell us that yes, their child can now read, write, spell, and pay attention. But more importantly, we have changed the lives of both the student and the family. We want students to do better in school, but our mission is much bigger than just academic success.

There is an old saying “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. “We teach and develop skills that start now and last a lifetime.

What can you do to make school and life better for your child?

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Functional Evaluation

Our evaluations consist of a mixture of standardized and informal measures in order to gain insight into the student’s strengths and weaknesses in a variety of areas including: attention, auditory and visual processing, memory, phonological processing, and more.

The Purpose of our Functional Evaluation is to…

  • Understand the student’s strengths/weaknesses
  • Choose the correct program(s) to support the student
  • Correct weak skill areas using the individualized programs

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