ACHIEVE Success Stories


Jocelyn’s Parent Perspective:

“Jocelyn is interested in and much more confident about learning, she goes to school and teaches kids what she has learned at Chatterbox. She doesn’t guess anymore when she does homework—she is slowing down and actually tries! Jocelyn has also improved in other areas such as math because she is able to comprehend the problems a lot better.” – Ruth K.

Jocelyn’s Perspective:

  • “I concentrate on the sounds of each word and I don’t guess anymore.”
  • “Harder books are more fun to read and they are cooler!”
  • “The ACHIEVE Program has also helped me with math because I can read the story problems now.”


Isaac’s Parent Perspective:

“Isaac has been doing great! The ACHIEVE Program has helped him a lot and I am very appreciative. I would recommend Chatterbox to any parent who has a child who struggles in school. Since starting therapy, Isaac is more patient and focuses better. Also, his reading has improved to grade level!” – Romelia B.


Daniel went from failing his spelling tests at the beginning of the year to winning the Spelling Award for 5th Grade! Additionally, he also won the Personal Growth Award.

  • Within 5 sessions, Daniel went from a 6% on his spelling test to a 57%. After 3 ½ months, he received his highest spelling test score ever, a 100%!
  • On school reading testing, Daniel went from 3rd grade to advanced 5th grade level over a 4-month period.
  • Daniel is on the honor roll at school.

Daniel’s Perspective:

  • “My handwriting is better and I’m getting better at work in school.”
  • “I’m doing things that some people believed I couldn’t do.”
  • “I feel completely confident in myself!”


Mariah’s Parent Perspective:

“Mariah started attending therapy twice a week, and three months later she is doing great. I no longer sit with her for 3 hours trying to help her with homework. She comes home with most of it done. It’s exciting to see her effort on assignments–before she would give up easily. She’s excited about school every day. My husband and I are both very thankful for Chatterbox and their ACHIEVE Program. At one point, we started to feel hopeless, now we are excited about Mariah’s future. It’s a horrible feeling to watch your daughter struggle and not know how to help her. I’m grateful for a place like Chatterbox who understood our stress and pain, and jumped on board to help our little girl.” – Ana G.

Mariah’s Perspective:

  • “I feel more confident and I like school more.”
  • “I understand my school work better and I am able to focus more.”

ACHIEVE Program Parent Testimonials

In the past three months we’ve seen an improvement in his focus, behavior, vocabulary, reading and writing, memory and most importantly, his confidence! Chatterbox and the ACHIEVE program has been a huge blessing to our family!

Renea P.

I cannot thank you and Mrs. Corey enough for providing the ACHIEVE Program! It’s such a blessing to see these improvements that I had once struggled so hard to teach her, she now just gets it.

Traci F.

My husband and I are both very thankful for Chatterbox and their ACHIEVE Program. At one point, we started to feel hopeless, now we are excited about our daughter’s future.

Ana G.

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