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Chatterbox Speech & Language Center is a pediatric speech and language clinic providing services in Boise, Nampa, and Fruitland, Idaho.

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Chatterbox Speech and Language Center will consistently exceed client expectations by providing individualized speech and language assessment and treatment for individuals of all ages. We will strive to coordinate individualized education plan goals and objectives with our comprehensive treatment plans.
  • phon pic What are Phonological Processes? - We’ve talked a lot about speech disorders and ways to implement practice at home, but what if your child has more than just an articulation disorder? What if your child has so many sound errors, you don’t even know how to describe it or how to help them? If so, your child may be exhibiting […]
  • OT2 What do Occupational Therapists treat? - Did you know that Chatterbox offers Occupational Therapy at our Nampa location? Ever wondered what Occupational Therapists treat?? Occupational Therapists treat: • Fine-motor skills (pencil grasp, hand writing, manipulation of objects) • Gross-motor skills (balance, jumping, skipping, bilateral coordination) • Behavior- due to sensory issues • Deficits in daily living (toileting, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.), […]
  • aacblogpic AAC and Apps! - A great way to teach vocabulary and to promote language and social skill development for children who use AAC is to use iPad or Android apps! Kids are most motivated to communicate about things that are fun and interesting to them, so finding fun and interactive apps is important. When choosing an app to target […]
  • behavior Behavior = Communication - 4 Simple Ways to Encourage Communication and Prevent Behaviors Identify the cause of the behavior. Observe what is happening before and after a certain behavior occurs in order to figure out what the child is trying to communicate to you. Establish a routine. Children thrive on predictability. If a child tends to have behaviors during […]

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