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Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy Center is a pediatric speech, language and occupational therapy clinic providing services in Boise, Nampa, and Fruitland, Idaho.

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Chatterbox Pediatric Therapy Center will consistently exceed client expectations by providing individualized speech, language and occupational therapy assessment and treatment for individuals of all ages. We will strive to coordinate individualized education plan goals and objectives with our comprehensive treatment plans.
  • Occupational Therapy Red Flags -
  • Free Speech/Language and Occupational Screenings -   Chatterbox provides FREE speech/language and occupational therapy screenings the last Friday of each month.  Our upcoming free screening date is Friday, March 27th from 9am-3pm. Please let your friends and family know about this great opportunity!
  • March Speech and Language Activities - Receptive: Find 5 things in the kitchen cupboard that begin with the “M” sound. Using a picture from a magazine, give the child directions, such as “Draw a circle around the…” Give directions so your child can find items that are: bumpy, curvy, wet, fuzzy,  squishy, smooth, etc. Repeat these words: cow, horse, goat, car. […]
  • Message from the Owners- March - We would like all parents to know that they have the option to discuss their child’s weekly session details within the therapy room if that is preferred over the lobby area. Please let your therapist know if you want to come back to the therapy room the last 3-5 minutes to discuss the session. Thanks, […]

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